Blackberry, Mango, Pistachio Yogurt Bark

Is it 100+ degrees where you are at too?  Well, this awesome COLD yogurt bark recipe is great for the summers, and honestly, all season when you want to give a sweet healthy treat to your little ones without feeling guilty. Plus, it's colorful and pretty! 

Ingredients: Any kind of yogurt, vanilla extract, honey (for 12mo+ only), fresh blackberries, pistachios, mango (or any fresh and nut you desire)


•Blend whole sheep's milk yogurt with vanilla and raw honey.  If you baby is under 12 months, leave out the honey. 

•Spread the mixed yogurt thinly on a try lined with parchment paper

•Press halved blackberries, chopped pistachios, and chopped mango on it

•Freeze it for an hour.  Take it out to score the bark with a sharp knife so it's easier to break off into neat pieces later. 

•Freeze it over night.  Enjoy!

Meet our Mama food creator, baby-led weaner believer, Liza.

Liza, who's a mama we follow and love runs @cookingforgrey.  She has fast, yummy recipes that are healthy and concentrates on a baby-led weaning approach to feeding.

Looking for other amazing recipes? Visit her Instagram HERE.  Follow her!

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