Snack Ideas by Lindsey Lee

Snack Ideas by Lindsey Lee

Lunch. Everybody eats it. Somebody needs to make it. Some of us enjoy it. Some of us really don't want to make lunch. Ever. Again. But, the reality is that we all need to eat to survive. Our kids surely need to eat to survive. But, we don't want our kids just surviving, right? We want them thriving on healthy, nutritious food. In an ideal world, right? Here are some ideas to make lunch more fun + more nutritious for your kids + you!

Animal Dairy-Free Yogurt Bowl

Ingredients: Dairy-free yogurt + hemp seeds + blueberries: fresh or frozen.

Directions: Pour your yogurt into the bowl, sprinkle hemp seeds for a smile, add blueberries for eyes.

Rice Cake Friends

Ingredients: Small rice cakes (I used the Happy Family brand), blueberries, SunButter, grapes, apples, heirloom carrotsEnjoy Life mini chips chocolate chips.

Directions: Spread SunButter onto some of the rice cakes. Slice up carrots + apples. Create the fun faces with the above ingredients.

Edible Garbage Trucks

Ingredients: Apples, colby jack cheese (or-dairy-free cheese), celery, strawberries + blueberries.

Directions: Wash the fruit. Cut the cheese into squares. Cut the celery into small rectangles. Cut the top of the strawberries off + slice the rest. Cut the sides of the apples off, then cut into slices. Place the large apple slices on the plate with the cheese squares slightly overlapping in front. Place the celery rectangle on the cheese + the strawberry tops under the cheese + apple for tires. Add the small apple slice for the back hopper. Cut up additional fruits + cheese for "trash" to throw into the hopper before eating.

Meet our Mama food blogger Lindsey Lee!

Lindsey is the amazing vegetarian food blogger and food photographer of  Being a mom of 3, she had to adapt her menus through time to include recipes to avoid an overwhelming list of food allergies.  Lindsey wanted to share her knowledge of food, nutrition and recipes, especially the ones modified for allergies with other parents.  Through the process, she realized her love for good, wholesome food, health, and living.  Oh yea, she also loves creating and making things around her beautiful.  So, while making her plant based and allergy friendly foods, she makes them pretty, too! 

Looking for a fun but vegan, fruity, homemade popsicle recipe? Try Lindsey's recipe HERE

*Photo of Lindsey and Bridger by Kathleen Peachey Photography

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