large BUNDLE - Sea Life + Orange Peel (2-color)

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This bundle truly has it all! It includes spares of our most popular products, and represents the best value for parents. This bundle comes in two possible color variations. Switch up colors and styles at dinnertime to keep kids interested and eating!

large BUNDLE (Sea Life + Orange Peel) Includes:

  • 1 Piglet (Sea Life) dipPLATE™
  • 1 Rabbit (Orange Peel) dipPLATE™
  • 1 Penguin (Sea Life) dryBIB™
  • 1 Rabbit (Orange Peel) dryBIB™
  • 1 Penguin (Sea Life) CUPPIE®
  • 1 Rabbit (Orange Peel) CUPPIE®
  • 1 ergoFORK+SPOON™ (Orange Peel) set
  • 1 ergoFORK+SPOON™ (Sea Life) set
  • 1 Penguin aniBOWL™ (Orange Peel)
  • 1 Penguin aniBOWL™ (Sea Life)
  • 1 Penguin (Sea Life) siliMAT™


    All JJ Rabbit products are made with the earth and your family in mind. This means everything we sell is made from earth-friendly, non-toxic materials. All of our tableware is made from a DURABLE, proprietary bioplastic, newly formulated in 2017, that biodegrades back to Mother Earth.  In addition, all JJ Rabbit products are made without BPA, phthalates, or PVC.

    Designed With You In Mind

    JJ Rabbit's design philosophy is simple: Make great looking and easy-to-use products that inspire kids to learn, eat, and have fun. All JJ Rabbit products feature eye-catching designs and vibrant colors that encourage little ones to take an interest at mealtime. JJ products are also designed to be easy to clean; tableware items are dishwasher-safe and bibs are machine-washable.

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